Manuscript Consultations

You’ve braved the terror of the blank page, over and over, for weeks and months and years neverending, and now you’ve got a completed draft of a novel. Few can lay claim to such an accomplishment. Take a moment. Be proud.

Independent bookstores are doing better than ever and self publishing has revolutionized the book world–it’s a great time to be a novelist. But if you want stand apart from the herd, you need to hone your manuscript. And the swiftest, most effective way to a polished novel is through professional guidance. That’s where I come in. I offer consultations on completed novel drafts. I will read your manuscript and deliver a written response of roughly 10 pages, which includes an overview evaluation as well as suggestions regarding story, structure, characters, dialogue, pacing, etc. I will also include limited notes in the margins of the text. One email or phone follow-up is included in the fee.

Send me an email that briefly describes your project and deadlines. Use the form on Contact page. Please paste the first 10 pages of your draft into the body of the email. If your project and deadlines seem like a good match with me, I’ll contact you and we’ll draw up an agreement that includes the services I will contract with you to provide. Please note that payment is due in full via Venmo before we begin work. This is for your protection as well as mine.

The fee is $1,500. The word limit is 80,000. The layout of your pages should be double-spaced, 12-point font (no smaller than TImes New Roman) with 1-inch margins all around.

As a working writer, I understand the madness of this business, and also the essential subjectivity of literary taste. Writing is a practice, an art, a calling. I’m not a literary agent, and I cannot guarantee that you will sell your book, but I can promise to do my best to make it as good as it can be.

Q: Do you do line editing?
A: I do what you might call “representative line editing”–edits or margin notes that highlight the main areas I feel need revision/attention. For example, if the novel relies heavily on passive verbs, I will highlight a few examples and let you take it from there. The short answer, then, is that I do some line editing, but not extensively. If you want extensive line editing you probably should go with an editor (there are some great ones out there!).

Q: Do you do multiple consultations with clients?
A: After our initial email/call defining the work to be done and drawing up the contract, I will deliver a written evaluation and the option of one follow-up email or call (see “What I Offer” above). If you feel you need frequent consultations or support, consider contacting a book coach. Happy to make a referral!